Recently I had the pleasure of presenting at the “Doctors In Business” seminar series, held at the Australian Club in Melbourne, on Strategic Business Planning. It was during this presentation that we explored the importance of one of the most valuable commodities we as medical practitioners and business owners have – TIME.

Strategic business planning allows you to make best use of your time by:

  • Reviewing your business goals and setting timeframes for your objectives;
  • Reviewing the investment of your own time as a medical practitioner, business owner, manager and entrepreneur, and identifying which areas deserve your greatest investment of time; and,
  • Reviewing growth opportunities available to your business and how you can capitalise on these.

During the presentation, one thing became evident – it is very difficult to take this journey alone – as you simply don’t have the time.

Many of our clients have already discovered the investment of a few hours with a trusted adviser to be of immense benefit for “working smarter”.

Time for planning is also important. Industry groups start their planning for 2014 as early as September/October. Using this as a guide, you may

wish to consider starting a plan for your own business now.

Scheduling time and managing your commitments and priorities are the keys to making it happen.

If you feel you don’t have the time to develop a plan for next year, Specialist Consulting can get you started.